By Trevor Glassey

After winning their league boasting an 18-6 win-loss record, Boys’ Varsity Basketball team moved into CCS. Despite defeating Santa Teresa high school on Feb. 25, the team was eliminated from the CCS semi-finals in a 59-36 game against Los Gatos on Mar. 1.

“They came out hard,” stated Varsity Point Guard Goose Persin, lamenting the loss. “We fought as hard as we could.”

According to the team, the game was initially pretty even. The team started off down a couple points, but they also made a few stabilizing runs. However, the team was never able to catch a break and started falling behind towards the end of the second half.

According to Varsity Shooting Guard and Forward Joquel Walker, the game was basically over and decided by the third quarter.

“On the defensive side we weren’t containing, and on the offensive we weren’t executing,” explained Walker.

The enemy team was huge, both literally and in terms of skill, proving to be an overpowering opponent. Despite their previous success, the Piedmont Hills Pirates couldn’t navigate through. The Los Gatos Wildcats pounced on the Pirates’ mistakes and tore mercilessly through the team. This allowed them to rocket ahead in the fourth quarter of this star-crossed game.

“We could have made more shots,” Coach Peter Simos summarizes simply. “The other team made more shots, so they won.”

The team gave their best effort, but they ultimately could not complete enough runs or make enough shots to win the game. Although the team was unable to launch to the finals, they had performed excellently over this season. This game ended the team’s impressive 16 game win streak.

“They had a great season,” expresses Coach Simos, “but they just fell short in the playoffs.”

In the end, the team’s hard work, team chemistry, and excellent coaching still allowed the team to flourish among their peers. While the team couldn’t follow last year’s CCS champions, they still won their league and earned the bronze medal in CCS despite stiff competition. One can only hope for next year’s performance to out-do this very successful season.


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