By Michelle Lin

Seniors Sean Tseng and Vivian Le placed first and second respectively in the Every Body’s Beautiful writing contest held by the EDRC (Eating Disorders Resource Center).
The eighth annual contest asked contestants to respond to one of three prompts discussing self-love, self-acceptance and body image issues. Participants could send in essays or poetry. This year saw over 200 entries from all over the South Bay.
Sean won with her poem entitled “‘Princess’ Is No Insult,” while Vivian won for her poem “Je m’aime.” Both poems addressed the common issue of self-image.
“I’ve always loved writing but never went through with any writing contests,” explained Vivian.
However, since the topic was something she cared about, she decided to enter.
“It was a humbling experience knowing that there’s people out there that think my writing is good enough for second place!”
First, second and third place winners will be presented with $300, $200 and $100 in prize money, respectively. ♦


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