By Leiana Baclig

Beginning their season with success, the Piedmont Hills swim team continues to do well throughout the year.

The swimmers practice five days a week, Monday to Friday from 3:30 to 5:30 pm at Independence, only occasionally getting a day off.

The team has some weaknesses, in which they are working to overcome when they are at practice.

“Some of our major struggles happen within practice,” mentioned Varsity swimmer senior Diane Tabilas. “There are several instances in which we tend to slack off and not practice with the intent to improve. In order to improve we need the mindset of one wanting to be a better swimmer instead of just going through the motions.”

Despite their weaknesses, the team has vastly made some improvements from the beginning of the season that they are proud of.

“At the start, everyone was very slow and rusty, as if we had forgotten our feel of the water. But now there is noticeable improvement,” commented Tabilas. “We have improved not only with our times, but also our endurance, technique and cohesion.”

The team’s biggest strengths are winning their meets and working together as a team.

“We are finally winning some meets compared to previous years,” stated Varsity swimmer senior Julia Krowicki.

By working hard during practice and doing their best to win every meet they possibly can, the swimmers believe they will reach their team goal.

“Our team goal is to win everything and get league champs for B-League,” revealed Varsity swimmer senior Kendrick Cheung.

With all the hard work, dedication and greatly starting off the season, the PHHS swim team strongly believes they can move back into A-League.

“I think we have a very good chance to go back to A-League especially since we have very strong swimmers and have each other for support,” claimed Krowicki.

According to Tabilas, the team is very strong, and the underclassmen are extremely talented and hardworking.

Several swimmers have already qualified for CCS (Central Coast Section) for this season. The swimmers who have not yet qualified will train and focus on their individual goal in order to qualify.


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