By Sean Tseng

Although the Boys’ Tennis team was unable to reach CCS (Central Coast Section) this year, the members are still keeping their heads up and looking back on all their work throughout the season to hopefully better their performance next year.

The 5-2 loss against Prospect High on Wednesday and 4-3 loss playing Westmont High on Monday meant the team’s ranking within the league fell to fifth place. Such a ranking removed the chance for them to enter CCS, regardless of the outcome of their final game of the season against Silver Creek High yesterday.

Though they had been projected to take third or fourth place after starting the season off well, the team ultimately underestimated their opponents.

“At the start of the season, we had a strong opening where we beat one of our top competitors,” recounted senior and Varsity Doubles One player Evan Sum. “However, we got (overconfident) and ended up being unprepared against a team that (had) moved up from B-League.”

The lesson is a disappointing one to face, especially for the graduating seniors. Still, the team is determined to use the losses as perspective on how to improve performance in the future.

For one, the members themselves believe there is room for growth and opportunity for improvement in the daily practice matches and drills.

“I think that practices (could) be more serious and less playful,” described Sum when asked about changes from which they could all benefit. “Next year, I hope the captain plans on being stricter.”

With yesterday also being the team’s Senior Night, the future of the team has now been passed on to the underclassmen members. The end of the season is bittersweet, but not even losses can taint the countless memories shared between the players.

“Although in the end we didn’t make CCS, we tried our best and most importantly had a lot of fun,” reflects captain Ryan Tran. “I’m super grateful to all the guys for making my last season with them the most memorable of all!”


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