By Tyler Vu

NHS (National Honor Society) held its annual Advising Day on Mar. 30. This yearly event offers the underclassmen opportunities to consult high-achieving members of the student body about academic concerns.  It was held during third and fifth period and required NHS members to give up one period of their day. Members advised the underclassmen in pairs, discussing topics on college, classes, extracurricular activities and overall school concerns.

“We had around 30 sign ups this year,” said NHS President Brandon Dimapasoc.  “It was very fun to share our experiences as seniors with underclassmen.”

According to many NHS members, the questions they received were fairly straightforward, pertaining mostly to college and time management.

“I had a sophomore ask me about college applications,” mentioned member Zoe Adams.
Often, the topic of college applications is most popular for its looming presence on senior year. Students may not fully understand the ins and outs of the application process, which makes Advising Day all the more useful.

“I got advice on the NHS application process, study tips for the SAT and personal statements,” said junior Annie Do.  “They also gave me some tips on how to avoid a stressful year.”

The advice the underclassmen received will hopefully help them navigate through the rest of their high school careers.  One NHS member recalled a time last year when he received advice from previous seniors.

“All of it was spot on, even if I didn’t listen to any of it,” member Evan Sum laughed.

“They told me not to take a lot of AP classes, and that’s what I did.  They told me not to stress about college, but here I am.”

Though the stress may be inescapable as the underclassmen pass through each year, NHS maintains Advising Day in hopes of providing as much guidance as possible.


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