By Sophia Xiao

Continuing with tradition, Red Cross held its annual spring blood drive on March 24.

Throughout the school day, the library bustled with nurses, blood donors and busy Red Cross members.  The club almost met its goal of 100 donors, with 97 people ultimately deciding to donate blood.

“I think it was really successful because we had a lot of signups and walk ins, and I know that there were t-shirts this year so that was a pretty positive thing about our blood drive,” expresses Historian Cindy Nguyen.  “It was just really heartwarming to see all these people sign up to donate.”

There are a lot of incentives for eligible people to donate blood to Red Cross.

“I decided to donate because I’m trying to be a good citizen.  I want to be able to save some kid’s life,” explains sophomore Aaron Jiang.  For him, it was a spur of the moment decision to help give to others.

While the donation is a simple and safe procedure, Red Cross advises donors to follow certain precautions before and afterwards to prevent injury.

“They highly encourage hydrating, feeding yourself a lot…  getting a good amount of sleep and also just (maintaining) a positive attitude to donate and save lives,” comments Cindy.

Each donor received a Golden State Warriors themed t-shirt with the phrase, “The Heart of a Warrior Never Quits,” as well as free snacks to help replenish lost iron and vitamin stores.

According to their website, nurses take one pint of blood and additional sample test tubes from each person.  Then, the blood is labeled, stored and sent to a Red Cross National Testing Laboratory to test for disease and blood type and to perform lab work.

Finally, it is shipped off to hospitals where each pint of blood may save up to three lives!


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