By Mae Castellano

Two Piedmont Hills Pirates walked through the halls wearing costumes mooing or waddling two weeks ago. Because of Interact’s annual fundraiser, Make Your Pirate Moo and Waddle, a staff member and student has to go through a whole school day in a penguin or cow costume.

“(Make Your Pirate Moo and Waddle) started as a tradition, I think, a couple years before I even came to PHHS,” recalls Interact Co-President Jaria Jaug. “It’s more recent though to have both students and teachers participate.”

Make Your Pirate Moo and Waddle is an annual event where students are encouraged to donate into jars. These jars are appointed to specific teachers and students, and the teacher and student who collects the most money in their jars wins; they have to wear a costume and moo or waddle.

“It’s kind of weird for me to yell at my students to put money in my jar,” laughs Physiology teacher David Vasques. “It’s like a fun battle between classes to try to motivate people because it’s all for charity.”

The money raised will be going towards Interact’s international project “Me, the Human,” where the money raised will go to help Syrian refugees with supplies, medicine and proper relocation care.

The winners of the week long fundraiser are Forensics teacher Nivetha Joseph and freshman Danny Hinh, both raising a little above 100 dollars.

“I aspired to raise an extreme amount of donation funds for the good cause,” provides Danny. “To raise an extreme amount of donation funds, I had assistance from a few friends.”

The winners wore their respective costumes on March 30, with Ms. Joseph as a penguin and Danny as a cow.

“Winning was bittersweet. I was happy that I won, but not too happy because I had to wear a costume, though it wasn’t embarrassing at all,” says Ms. Joseph.

“I enjoyed (wearing the costume) yet found it to be uncomfortable as a few students grabbed my udders,” comments Danny. “A few people wanted to take a photo with me because they thought it was funny.”

In the end, Make Your Pirate Moo and Waddle raised around $500 in one week.


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