By Phuong Nguyen

The annual International Faire was held last Friday, with a school rally during the day and a night fair from 7 pm to 9 pm. While the school rally had only cultural club performances, the night fair had both performances and food vendors.

During the school rally, only a small segment of performances were showcased. In addition to the time regulations due to classes, it was a way of advertising what the events had to offer.

Another incentive International Faire had for students to attend was the variety in food. With fairely low prices and several choices, students had a wide range to eat from.

“I was most excited for the spicy rice cakes,” exclaimed ASB Cultural Commissioner Naomi Nguyen. “They were a hit last year, and I’m really glad they were back with it.”

Though Internatial Faire is an ongoing school tradition, not everyone has experienced it.
For Korean Fan Club President Lauren Young, this year was her first time attending International Faire.

“I was happy with how the performances turned out. SXC (Seoul Extreme Choreography) was really cool with their synchronized dancing, and (the) waltz was really cute,” said Lauren.

To make such an entertaining night possible, several people in ASB had to spend much of their time preparing for the big cultural event.

“My parents were the ones that really got to see how many sleepless nights I went through to make this event happen,” Naomi recalled. “Knowing that they were in the crowd made me really happy.”

In addition to ASB members, club members practiced frequently to ensure their performances were a success.

“Besides International Faire, we have another show on April 15, so we have an extra week of practices. Then, we have Tuesdays and Fridays at school to practice,” Hungama Secretary Mansi Patel revealed.

According to Naomi, the idea of this faire was to celebrate cultural and racial similarities and differences. After all, the colorful dances reflect the collaborative efforts of the students.

“I think that International Faire is an amazing opportunity for not just the Korean (Fan) Club, but for other culture clubs as well, to know the beauty of the culture whether it’s through the performances shown or the foods sold,” Lauren elaborated.

For ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) Historian An Nguyen, she has never missed an International Faire since her freshman year because it is one of her favorite events of the year.

“I love seeing the diversity that genuinely brings out our school’s true colors,” she continued. “As an immigrant myself, I feel proud to see other students embracing their heritage and their culture.”

Although ARK is not considered a cultural club, the club still believed that people of different cultures should be treated with respect and kindness nonetheless.

“As an ARK officer, I feel that cultural diversity is an especially pertinent element to understanding other people and ultimately treating everyone the way they deserve to be treated,” An elaborated.

“International Faire exemplifies the idea that no matter how different, we are all one big family and we should all appreciate each other despite different race, nationality, color of skin, culture or beliefs,” Naomi agreed.


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