By Michelle Lin & Alyssa Gutierrez

On April 8, the Class of 2018 hosted its Junior Prom “Celestial Nights” in the Piedmont Hills L-Building from 7pm to 10pm.

“Overall, prom was a really fun experiences,” gushed junior Eileen Vu. “No matter what the DJ played, the room was energetic, and I think as a whole, everyone enjoyed dancing and spending time together.”

Juniors John Sanders and Alliyah Latiph were crowned prom king and prom queen, respectively. Other contestants included couple Andrew Tran and Vy Truong, as well as couple William Bui and Carissa Cui.

“It was amazing, exciting, and just mixed emotions,” commented John, when asked about winning prom king. “I was proud that I could make my girl happy about her high school life.”

Since the beginning of the school year, officers have been working hard to prepare for the big night. Between thinking of a theme, setting prices for tickets and putting together decorations in the L-Building, students have been tirelessly planning for this event.

“The officers and I first decided on the elegant theme: space. Then, we brainstormed about words relevant to space, thus ‘Celestial Nights.’ It sounded elegant and it was straight-forward,” explained Class President Natalie Yeh.

As for decorations, officers had put them together themselves, making a large poster to hang on the wall for students to take pictures by.

“We’re practically making all the decorations and organizing and reserving things that have to be done,” said Publicist Emily Wong. “We’re trying to go for an elegant space theme instead of just planets. We’d like more moons and stars and backgrounds for people to take pictures with.”

Last year’s Junior Prom was hosted in the Small Gym due to certain complications. This year, however, it was held in the L-Building.

“In April, the weather is unpredictable. Last year, it was raining on the day of prom. It wasn’t ideal that the prom goers had to walk from the student parking lot all the way to the Small Gym,” explained Natalie. “The L-Building is closer, so no one would have to worry about getting their dress or tux wet.”

This year, the juniors did something different from past proms, creating a buzz of excitement.

“I (was) most excited for the Shirley Temple bar!” exclaimed Natalie. “We sold Shirley Temples for $1 dollar each. Each dollar we make from Junior Prom contributes to Senior Ball.”

A total of 137 junior prom tickets were sold. All the money made from selling these tickets also contibuted to the expenses of paying for senior ball next year.

“I loved that I was able to enjoy this experience with my friends and favorite classmates,” admitted Eileen. “I truly applaud the class officers and thank them for their hard work because they made it a night to remember.”


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