By Michelle Lin

Senior Daniel Phan placed first in the NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) Regional CAD (Computer Aided Design) Architectural Competition, winning cash prize and a place in Nationals to compete against students from all over the country.
“Even though this was the local-level competition, I really didn’t think I would win, so you can probably imagine how surprised I was,” explained Daniel.
Daniel designed a neighborhood dental office, constructing a floor plan, exterior elevation and proper placement of structure. According to the CAD competition website, entries were “evaluated for detail, accuracy and originality of work.”
“I thought about what I wanted to see in a dental office and also took some inspiration from my own dentist’s office,” described Daniel. “When I drew the plans, I tried to imagine what it would be like to walk through the office, and I made adjustments as necessary.”
All students in CADD (Computer-Aided Drafting and Design) teacher Catherine Cromer’s class were required to complete this project as one of the main assignments of the school year. Students were encouraged and given pointed by Ms. Cromer on how to improve their designs.
For weeks, Daniel worked tirelessly on his project.
“I started somewhere in September and spent most of my time in sixth period since then working on my design,” commented Daniel. “I finished near the end of March.”
While Daniel has yet to be notified of the cash prize, he will be advancing to the next level as winner of the first place design. Senior Eric Andres and junior Thomas Nguyen have also placed second and third place, respectively.
“The dental office that I submitted for the contest was my first ‘full-blown’ project,” remarked Daniel. “I’m very excited, since getting this far isn’t exactly an opportunity everyone has.” ♦


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