By Bernice Ou-yang

The piano recital was held in the L-Building on Monday, May 15. All three piano classes, with a total of approximately 80 students, participated in this recital.
“We were allowed to choose our own pieces to play,” reveals senior Khoanam Nguyen. “I chose my music from the games I played and animes I have watched. I had practiced it for like a few weeks.”
Most of the students had been practicing these pieces for (blank time). Each piece was chosen by the students themselves and were approved by piano teacher Emily Ray.
“Basically, the beginner piano students usually choose the same songs since it would be hard for them to find a good song to play on hteir own,” says Khoanam. “Because of this, Ms. Ray has to seperate the students from (the beginning classes) during the recital.”
Ms. Ray organized the order of the recital so that no same pieces were played side by side. She mixed and matched students from different class levels to keep the whole recital entertaining.
“(The piano recital) is basically our finals,” comments senior Veronica Roy. “(Ms. Ray) grades us a bit leniently since it’s pretty intimidating to play in front of a crowd. ♦


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