By Vivian Lin

Six students from Piedmont Hills competed in the The Santa Clara County Construction Careers Association (S4CA) competition on April 13. The students’ group, the “Home Dogs” won two medals and two awards for their tiny house project.
The theme for this year’s competition was “The Built Environment: Smart, Safe, Resilient,” where projects included aspects like environmental responsibility and safety. On the day of the competition, the group members arrived and set up their booth to display their project.
“We won two awards, it was surprising!” laughed junior Bryant Raphael Cachola.
Their finished project was a tiny house, a compact version of a normal house, that contained all the necessities that a normal house would have.
“It shows how futurist our thought process is,” explains Bryant. “In the 1990s, I don’t think anyone would have thought of a tiny house, but nowadays I’m pretty sure loads of people have this in mind.” ♦


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