By Emily Zhao

Every year, April 25 marks the day for National DNA Day, a day where students and teachers can learn about genetics and genomes. To commemorate the day, the SCCBEP (Santa Clara County Biotechnology Education Partnership) held their 14th annual DNA Day art competition, showcasing the art and videos that high school students created.
This year’s DNA Day art contest featured three winners in the art category and two winners in the video category. For the video section of the contest, Piedmont Hills High School senior Benjamin Gonzales took first place. First place winners were awarded $100.
The students’ artworks highlighted DNA in a variety of creative fashions.
“(My) video is about a kid at a typical lemonade stand, but instead of selling lemonade, he’s selling DNA! (When) the thirsty Jogger grabs a drink, (the DNA) transforms his head into a dog,” laughed Benjamin. “I didn’t try to convey any certain message, I thought it’d be cool to have the character’s head turn into a dog after drinking the mysterious DNA.”
Benjamin originally created the video because biology and biotechnology teacher Archie Kregear assigned the project to the biotechnology class.
“Don’t get me wrong, I loved making it!” said Benjamin.
The entire video recording and editing process took him almost eight hours to complete, with the vast majority of the time spent editing.
“I was shocked when I found I won!” exclaimed Benjamin. “I usually don’t win many contests.”


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