By Victor Xie

CSF (California Scholarship Federation) and Interact joined together in September to hold a showing of Spiderman: Homecoming in the school library. The event was held for both clubs to get freshmen involved in their clubs and to raise money for their respective charities with an admission of $1. Members could buy food, play icebreakers and various board games and take pictures at the photo booth.
“We wanted to (help) the freshmen bond more,” states CSF President Alexa Follante. The movie night was planned to help freshmen get more involved in the clubs, especially because the event was held near the beginning of the school year. Around 50-60 people attended the event according to Alexa. “I saw a lot of freshmen joining in.”
“We were originally going to (show) Incredibles 2, but that didn’t work out so we switched to Spiderman: Homecoming on popular vote,” says CSF officer Jerry Xu.
Spiderman: Homecoming is a reboot of the film adaptation of the popular comic franchise Spiderman by Sony. In 2017, Sony and Marvel Studios joined together to create the third adaptation of Spiderman. It was critically acclaimed unlike its predecessors. The movie circulates around Peter Parker, who is Spiderman, as he tries to find his place in the world as a superhero and a high school teenager.
Before the movie started, members played icebreakers to get to know each other better and bought food for the movie. These icebreakers were meant to break freshmen out of their shells and to introduce them to common games that would be played during their time in high school. At 6:30, the movie started and everyone sat together in the middle of the library floor to watch Spiderman: Homecoming. When the movie ended, people were able to take pictures at the photo booth and help clean up.
“It was great and I plan to keep on coming to these events,” comments junior Christopher Yi. This was Christopher’s first movie night despite being a junior and still says he thoroughly enjoyed it.
The movie night was also held to raise money for CSF and Interact’s respective charities. “We planned this event as a fundraiser to raise money for our upcoming events like Pie-Bake, Christmas Carnival and Take a Teacher to Lunch,” explains Jerry. The money will be split between both clubs. Interact plans to invest its money towards their new project, “It Takes a Village,” that was announced at this year’s FLC (Fall Leadership Conference).
“I look forward to working with Interact and CSF together in the future,” adds Jerry. Both clubs plan to hold movie nights in the future with other clubs on campus. ◆


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