By Julian Rosete

Piedmont Hills Yearbook is back this year, but this time not as a class. Photo teacher Ian Tippetts takes charge and becomes advisor for this year’s yearbook club as it gets revived. Though Yearbook was announced as a class middle of July, many upperclassmen protested and decided to help turn it in as a club.
“Most of the people who wanted to be in Yearbook were upperclassman like ‘I can’t fit this in my schedule’ so all of us kind of like protested,” says President Eric Chau.
The plan for this years’ yearbook is to attempt to make every event that may have a great impact to the school such as football games, Homecoming and Fantastics. Every Wednesday they meet and discuss the pictures they take. Assigning every photographer a certain event and task.
“Right now we already assigned jobs to most of our committees so we’re just trying to kick start that right now,” says Treasurer Rose Lu. There is some issues involved in the club, but not anything different that other club haven’t dealt with and that is the lack of communication.
“There are times when we have a like a common goal but once the meeting is over officers, me included I’m guilty of this too, we kind of diverge to different things,” says Eric. If issues like that occur, they need to regroup and recap. This is addressed in meetings and such so that the club does not fall apart just like every other club.
This years’ Yearbook will cost more than usual comparing to last year and previous years before that. The reason for this is this years’ high cost is its theme. The theme is classified, but the only information disclosed is that it will be filled with color therefore causing high costs on ink for this years’ yearbook.
The club gets it funding from leftover money from last year and in order to pay for the ink and paper, the school supports with money as well. Though the certain amount of funds that they have is confidential it is expected to be a great amount because of the cost for this year’s yearbook
Along with communication issues there are times when it would difficult to make certain events and they also have a tough time in determining what events to include in the Yearbook. At the end of the day it all depends on the attendance and importance to the students of the school. For example they would take a picture of a Fantastics moment rather than the Winter Rally just because of its impact on the schools spirit. So make sure to smile and be ready for that camera. ◆


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