By Christine Do and Devonna Dang

The two biggest annual club events, Key Club’s FRN (Fall Rally North) and Interact’s FLC (Fall Leadership Conference), are celebrating their acts of service this month. FRN takes place on Oct. 20 at Six Flags. FLC takes place on Oct. 14 at IHS (Independence High School).
FRN is a yearly occasion where Key Clubbers all over the CNH (Cali-Nev-Ha) District come together at Six Flags to compete in a huge spirit competition while celebrating the funds raised for PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program).
“Every year is different because the lieutenant governors and spirit coordinators have something planned out for the division…(including) new cheers… and new people,” exclaims Lieutenant Governor of Division 12 East Sabrina Huynh.
FLC is an annual event where Interactors from all over the Bay Area go to leadership workshops, engage in area chants and learn about the new International and Community projects which are issues that they will dedicate effort towards for the rest of the year. The International Project is the project where the district raises funds whereas the Community Project is the service-oriented aspect of the club.
“FLC is important because it’s one of the few times a year that Interactors from schools all over the Bay Area get together and celebrate our common goal of putting service above self,” says Interact President Jeanell Dimapasoc. “I look forward to seeing Interact members grow as servers of their community, as leaders, and as individuals.”
The Key Clubbers prepare for these spirit battles through boot camps where they learn new cheers and chants that would excite and motivate them when the day comes. The money from the admission tickets go towards PTP and Key Clubbers are allowed to go on rides and meet new people.
“FRN is the highlight of most Key Clubbers’ experience because it’s like a school rally but times ten because they get to showcase their spirit by yelling and not get judged by it because everyone else is also yelling with them,” explains Sabrina.
Interact’s International Project, It Takes a Village, focuses on the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. They will be partnering with SOS Children’s Village. This year’s Community Project, Future in Focus, concentrates on the local youth that are in poverty or foster care system.
“The highlight of my experience was learning about the new projects for this year and seeing everyone around me so inspired when they announced it,” says senior Isabella Hoang.
As a part of the few events that allow Key Clubbers from other areas and districts to come together and build bonds, FRN is a significant part of being a Key Club member.
“The highlight of my FRN was right before we entered the rally. Although most of us weren’t doing too much and just sat around, it was fun taking pictures with everyone and socializing. It was also a revolutionary moment for me because I notice that everyone else was very excited and willing to wait with me for two hours,” explains Key Club President Judy Ng.
Both FRN and FLC hold importance because of the service and involvement in the community that they contribute to the world. ◆


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