By Drew Olaviano

The PHHS Music Department hosted the “Falling into Music” Fall Instrumental Concert in the L-Building on Fri., Oct. 12, at 7 p.m.

Tickets at the door sold for $5 and featured String Orchestra, Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble.

“It’s always exciting to do a concert at the beginning of the year because you work so hard for the pieces and you [want to] show the talent as a group that we have,” admitted Symphony Orchestra’s First Violinist JeiRonemo Thomas.

String Orchestra opened the concert and performed Overture to Semiramide by Bob Lipton, Prelude and Fugue in D Minor by John Leavitt and Short Overture for Strings by Jean Berger.

Concert Band performed Kentucky 1800 by Clare Grundman, The Headless Horseman by Timothy Broege and Coast Guards by Karl L. King.

Symphony Orchestra was next after intermission and performed Tico by Nancy Bloomer Deussen, Symphonic Dances Op. 63 by Edvard Grieg and Symphony C Major by Georges Bizet. Unlike previous groups, Symphony Orchestra performed solos which resonated the building.

“It was definitely something. I really liked their performance!” cried Concert Band’s clarinet player Julian Olaviano.

Wind Ensemble performed last and performed Accolada by Ed Huckeby, Lake Washington Suite by John P. Zdechlik and Riders for the Flag by John Philip Sousa. Similar to Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble had solos performed by many different musicians.

“I played my very first solo in our first piece Accolada. I felt very nervous and anxious and I thought I was going to completely mess up! Thankfully I didn’t and I was satisfied with what I played. I stuck through and [it paid] off,” exclaimed flute player Karla Manzanares.

The concert proved to be a success.

“I felt pretty good and excited [about it] because it [was] my last concert ever in high school,” mused Wind Ensemble’s flute player Quynh Nguyen.

The only goal in mind for the Music Department is to improve in the future.

“Hopefully if the violas have fast moving parts (ex: sixteenth notes) in our next pieces I’ll be able to play them properly and keep in time with Mrs. Ray’s conducting,” said Symphony Orchestra’s viola player Tiffany Nguyen.

The PHHS Music Department will be hosting their next performance soon, and they are confident they’ll improve as time goes on. ◆



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