By Vincent Hoang

Piedmont Hills’ Choir held their concert, ‘Pieces of Autumn’ on Wednesday, Oct. 10 in the L-building for a five dollar admission fee.

The Music Department presented this concert in order to gain support and raise funds.

Choir teacher Myles Ellis conducted all the members of choir to sing the many songs of autumn, along with some solo pieces performed by some of the Varsity Choir members.

Some of the members of the choir really enjoyed the presence and the conducting of Mr. Ellis, and being their first concert, the members felt ready and grateful for the teachings that Mr. Ellis gave them.

“I joined Choir simply because I really enjoy music and I wanted to use my voice to improve the choir. I just find singing really fun. Mr. Ellis is by far the most talented musician I have met. I had a solo piece that Mr. Ellis has heavily trained me for,” said Soprano Section Leader and Choir Council President Lilly Liu.

Even though Lilly thought that she didn’t do well, but the audience’s reaction says otherwise for her fantastic solo performance.

“I enjoy singing whenever and with whoever. The people I sang and practiced with have truly helped me prepare for our performance.” said Varsity Choir member and Choir Council Treasurer Nikko Timbol.

With confidence, Nikko and the other choir members were successful in making the audience enjoy their time.

“I have been teaching high school music for 13 years, but 9 of those years was here in Piedmont Hills. I would consider this a magnificent job and I am very glad that I am able to do this and find it enjoyable. This year’s Choir was very different from the others being that there is many more new faces than usual. But even so being our first concert, I am so proud of my students for working so hard on the songs we performed,” explained Mr. Ellis.

The many pieces performed by Choir show how much talent we have here at our school. ◆


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