By Janelle Perez

Monday morning, alarm goes off. You roll over to turn off the frightening sound of chimes and accidentally fall asleep for another 35 minutes. Before you know it, you’re already late to your first period.

You jump out of bed and quickly put on a pair of jeans and a hoodie and keep your Birkenstocks on as a mistake, but it goes with your look, so you decide to keep them on. As you’re rushing downstairs to eat a quick bowl of Fruit Loops with your hair half done and your socks mismatched, you check the time and see you have five minutes to get to school.

You make it just in time to get to class by the tardy bell. It’s just a matter of taking a shortcut through the outside of the D-Buildings. Slamming your car door and nearly tripping on your own feet, you run from the student parking lot to take your shortcut and realize that it is blocked off.

The blocked off area is where the new science, general education and special education building is being built. While the cause of the building is great, the delayed construction has led to a traffic jam near the student parking lot. The building has been in construction since summer of 2017 where it was said to be done by the beginning of the new school year.

The area prevents students from having a shortcut to their classes near the student parking lot. Although the shortcut may not seem like a big deal, those extra three minutes come in handy when you are almost late to a 7:20 a.m. Pre-Calculus class. Everybody has their days when life just happens and we turn off the excessively annoying sound of our alarm and sleep an extra 35 minutes, so those extra minutes save time and tardy strikes.

Not only is the blocked off area causing a reroute on the way to class, it is causing a backup in where students can be dropped off. Since students usually get dropped off in the student parking lot, parents are dropping off their students further back rather than closer to the football field.

This is because the drop-off area near the football field is primarily where the construction is being held. Even if parents would be able to drop their students off right before the football field, a major reroute would have to take place due to the blocked off area. Whereas if the area were not blocked, then there would be a closer way into the Junior Hall and the D-Building.

Traffic is not favored by most people. Which is understandable since traffic consumes time and causes various problems to a person’s stress levels. But as time goes on and your time at PHHS comes to an end, the only question remaining is whether or not school traffic will ever come to a moderately acceptable end. ◆



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