By Henry Zheng

In honor of the upcoming Midterm Elections on Tues., Nov. 6, various history teachers have conducted Mock Elections in their classrooms to give students a taste of voting and hopefully influence them to be more politically active.

Every year, California hosts a Mock Election just for students, in which the results of these votes are compared to the actual national votes. In a society where reform is advocated more than ever, these Mock Elections do much to help students voice their opinions and bring change to the world around them.

“I love that people protest and that there are petitions I can sign and that there are news programs that educate us but if we’re not going to the polling place and voting or sending our mail in ballot then we’re really not affecting change,” said American Government teacher Lynne Murray.

On the students’ side, many felt that the election was what they needed to initiate change and show that they too have valid opinions in politics.

“It was a good way to express how I feel about certain topics,” said senior Jason Damasco, who participated in the election.

A handful of other students also believed this was a way to demonstrate leadership and help lead this generation further into the complicated political world, as well as help prove to the older generation that they too are politically valid.

“I believe that we should stand against the changes we want to see happen and let (the) people see our generation as ‘do-ers’ instead of whiners,” said senior An Truong.

These Mock Elections did much more than just allowing students to be able to voice their opinions and be a part of change. It created voters that would be more politically devoted and aware of the world around, giving them confidence in their decisions.

“Vote because it really does matter,” said Jason



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