By Drew Olaviano


The PHHS Pirates JV Football team played their last regular home game against the Leland Lions on the football stadium in Nov. 2, 4 p.m.

With the team’s tough loss against the Lions at 14-21 during the senior night, Friday Night Lights, their overall record came to a close at 5-4.

The Pirates’s game against Leland started off well with both teams kicking off to 7-7. The Pirates were able to advance their score, and by halftime the Pirates led by a seven point lead at 14-7.

After halftime, however, the Pirates fell short. Despite the lack of scoring from both teams, the Lions pulled a breakthrough. The Lions scored quickly against the Pirates during fourth quarter. They led the entirety of the fourth quarter with the result of 14-0 and it was clear that the Lions finished the game with a tough loss for the Pirates.

The Pirates have lost, however, despite the tough loss and fallouts throughout the entire season with injuries and overall team plays, there are still high expectations for the next season.

“Overall season, I mean, it was difficult, but I think it turned out pretty good. I mean, we came together at some point, but there (are) times where we (lose) and where we kind of played individual football, but it still worked out at the end. We put our best, the end result was the end result,” said Outside Linebacker Diego Renteria on his feelings about the team’s performance.

Many players agree that this year’s season was tough, however stay motivated that they’ll improve more before next season starts. Many people enjoyed the tough fight against the Lions despite the loss and were met with warm applause from the audience who thoroughly enjoyed the difficult fight.

Many of the audience members stuck throughout the entire game and even stayed to watch the varsity team compete against the Lions’ own varsity team. Morale was high, many staying to buy food and support their team. Piedmont Hills’ special guests of many junior cheerleaders also raised the morale high for the team and audience. Despite the loss, the football team stuck around in high spirits to thank the opposing team.

Overall, the season ended with an estimated win-loss rate of about fifty percent. The team are now hoping to improve their overall record in the future once the next season starts. However, the team will have to enhance their performance as both an individual and as an entire group.

“(We’ll improve) definitely (on) our speed and offensive plays,” informed Renteria on the specifics of where the team’s improvements will be focused on.

The future is unknown, however the team are aiming to reach a desirable future once the next season comes through, knocking on the door.

Their strong desire to lead the league with a better performance will be shown next season. Once next season rolls into the season, please go out and support the team!


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