Varsity football kicks off a great season

By Francisca Pascua


PHHS Varsity football closed off their final game at home with a score of 21-48 on senior night against Lincoln on Fri., Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. The Varsity team has kicked off a spectacular season, carrying a tight record of 4-5 in the league.

Prior to the Nov. 2 game, the team went head to head with Leland High School in which they started off strong but were touch downed by a sly tackle from Leland.

“The last game was a tough fight until the very last second. They had a really smart game plan that kept our offence off the field and from scoring more points,” admitted senior Middle Line Backer Ian Nguyen on the game.

For most of the players, this season has been a challenge but at the same time very rewarding.

“This season for me and my team has been a struggle, but we maintained to stick together as a family and fight through it and we do the best we can to defeat our opponents,” said senior Wide Receiver Caiphus Ardoin.

However, this game was not the end for the Pirates. Despite losing the match, the team kept their helmets straight, their heads in the game and hoped to win the following game.

“We prepare by going out as a team out eat to make sure we’re nice and energized then go in the locker room and get game ready with some Sheck Wes music,” explained Ardoin.

“We have one day dedicated to watching film on the previous game to improve how we run plays. We have two full padded practices where we hit and go through offense and defense,” added Nguyen.

Physical skills alone are not enough to win a game but also the psychological aspect of the player can help them achieve their goal.

“I can improve on my attitude and as a team we need confidence,” said Ardoin.

Attitude and confidence are the key to not only beating the opponent, but it also affects the atmosphere of the plays.

The Varsity team fell short again at home. Coincidentally the lost occurred on senior night, a special night where the close-knitted team commemorated and recognized each other as players and individuals. Senior night accommodated for the devastating defeat.

“This season has been a roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs and I love being able to play for and with my brothers. I’ll miss being able to play such an amazing sport with all of my best friends,” said Nguyen.

Consequently, after the home game, the players participated in the CCS (Central Coast Section) playoffs, a 3 game competition bracket in which a team annihilates every opponent in order to seize the championship trophy.

“This is important because we are given an opportunity to play at least one more game and to be able to fight for our chance to be champions,” said Nguyen.

On Nov 3, the team participated in their first CCS game in which they were placed in 3rd and have two more games to go.

“It is important for me because this is a game I love and enjoy playing with my brothers and I’ll go all out for them. I’ll miss having fun out there on the field with my teammates and coaches,” added Ardoin.


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