Andrew Nguyen (11): To get straight A’s


Justin Dong (11): I wanna actually get some good sleep next year


Tony Hong (11) : An A in Calc


Jerry Xu (11): I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution, I’m perfect as I am.


Ashley Huynh (11): Finish junior year


Clarys Paragas (11): To be happier than now


Mary Nguyen (12): I need to stop procrastinating because it’s making me stay up really late


Ms. Lee: To have better boundaries and be meaner to students


Stacey Thai (12): To start caring more


Emily Vu (10): To stop procrastinating


Samuel Dai (12): Watch every GOT7 video


Benjamin Chen (12): Do really well in all my classes!


Paul Vo (9): To be a better person


Allison Nguyen (9): To get a dog


Cindy (9): To drink more water


Emily (9): To save more money


Andy Ho (11): To be the best twitch streamer in the world!


Maya (11): Stop rewatching netflix shows and watch the ones on my list


Karelly (11): To get closer to my religion, I’m Catholic


Madison Tran (10): To sleep more, cos i haven’t gotten enough sleep


Christina Tran (10): To do better in school and go out with my friends more


Isaac Wen (11): To get my life together and not die


James Savella (11): I wanna be 6’3” by the end of next year


Kayla Hua (11): To start caring more about my grades


Ethan (Eto) Nguyen (10): To do better in school and make everyone happy


Yenvy Truong (10): Make new friends, and go out and explore more and have new experiences


Lilly Liu (12): To get into a good college and begin having a good life



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