By Divya Verma


On Wed., Dec. 5 CSF (California Scholarship Federation) held their annual Christmas carnival at San Antonio Elementary that took place during the school day in hope to spread Christmas spirit to the students.

“San Antonio Elementary School is located in a low-income neighborhood and their students may not be able to enjoy the Christmas experience. CSF aims to bring them the experience so they may have the opportunity to (enjoy it),” said CSF Publicist Samantha Tran.

“This school is also really close to the local women and children homeless shelter so many of the kids are currently living at the shelter,” added on Sophomore Representative Siobhan Murphy.

The four major activities that were held at the Christmas carnival this year were games, arts and crafts, snacks and a Santa room that were held in separate locations.

“We had a variety of games like (the) bean bag toss and let it snow where kids would race while holding cotton balls on a spoon,” explained Sophomore Representative Iris Do.

The arts and crafts room included activities such as making paper plate snow globes, paper angels and cotton ball launchers made from cotton balls and plastic cups.

“I’ve been in crafts twice and we basically make our own cute little DIY crafts with the kids! Since making the crafts takes up a good amount of time, CSF members and officers work together to make simple template for them to trace or follow,” described Co-president Alexa Follante.

“We will be making ornaments and mini snow globes. We also have creative snacks for them to make and enjoy,” continued Siobhan.

The snacks room will have Rice Krispie treats shaped as reindeers that the children can decorate. The Santa room will have a Santa and elves, the Santa was math teacher Kevin Murphy. The children also got to meet the Grinch, played by senior Jorryn Amador, who visited the different rooms.

“The students usually (send) letters back to us after (the) Christmas Carnival, and it genuinely warms up all of our hearts to know that we brightened up their day as well,” said Alexa.

“It’s really heartwarming to know that you’re making a kid’s day just by playing bean bag games or making paper angles with them,” said Samantha.

The CSF officers encourage people to attend the Christmas Carnival next year because it is a great experience where high school students have the opportunity to spread Christmas cheer to the elementary students and make the holiday season feel special.



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