By Katie Tran and Mason Sandoval


On Fri., Nov. 30, students and teachers gathered together to kick off the holiday season by decorating Christmas trees in the main hall.

“Decorating trees kinda just helps everyone get into holiday spirit and is just a fun way to get through finals,” says club commissioner Megan Dang.

There are about 25 trees set up, each with a specific theme, typically pertaining to the club or class themselves. Each class decorated their own tree as well as clubs. Students were not the only ones who set up trees, however, as the teachers had their own tree as well. Their tree was the first one up as they decorated their tree before other students.

This year’s decorating was a success as the hallways are certainly looking very festive. Walking through the hallways fills students with holiday spirit and serves as a reminder that Christmas time is near and finals will be over before they know it.

“I like seeing the tree out in the hall, they’re a lot of fun look at. I wish we had them up all year round,” says junior Joey Orzoff.

The Christmas trees, however, aren’t just for viewing purposes as they are also a part of a contest between those that participated in decorating.

There are usually around the same number of clubs that sign up to set up a tree each year as there is no set number but clubs must provide their own trees so a club that participates one year typically participates every year since they have the materials needed to do so. The clubs were given about two to three hours to finish setting up their trees.

Set up went smoothly this year with no problems with any of the trees and everyone finishing on time. Don’t miss out and take a walk through the main hall to catch a glimpse of these trees.



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