By Terry Tang and Trisha Trinh


The new buildings have just opened at the start of the second semester, bringing with it new bathrooms. There are shiny new toilets, glistening sicks, and glossy new hand dryers. There are no more nasty stenches disturbing the air and no more waste on the floor.

“The new bathrooms look much cleaner, and they have a Dyson hand dryer so that’s pretty cool,” said junior Frank Yeung.

The new bathrooms aren’t just nice and clean, they are different colors than the hallway bathrooms. Instead of the usual maroon stalls and white walls, they are a deep rich stone gray. Many students agree with Frank that the new bathrooms are so much better than the hallway bathrooms. The new bathrooms may be smaller, but have a bunch of new updates. For example, in the boy’s bathroom has dividers between the urinals and the girl’s bathroom has a different color for the stalls.

“It looks the same as the bathrooms in the halls, but just with a newer and fresher feeling with a scent of disinfectant,” said senior Christine Vu.

However, there are also some concerns that the new and shiny bathrooms will turn disgusting like the old bathrooms in the hallway overtime.

“More people vape now and have worse aim, so pee and trash are tossed everywhere in the old bathrooms,” said Frank.

Senior Thinh Le proposed an idea on how to keep the bathrooms well maintained and clean so that future students can still use the bathroom and not be disgusted by it.

“I think one way the admins can maintain the new bathroom is to clean the new bathroom daily and remove and replace graffiti that may occur during the school year,” said Thinh.

The old hallway bathrooms still have graffiti all over the stalls not appropriate for school, as stall doors often have sexual content and curse words decorating their interior.

“The bathrooms would always have graffiti about people hating others, and it’s sad to see what is left behind on the stalls,” said senior Tammy Ngo.

Students should also do their part to help clean the bathrooms as the administration cannot do everything by themselves.

“I think the students could be more mindful about maintaining the school property by cleaning up after themselves and causing damage upon the new equipment,” said Thinh.

There are also some questions about the convenience about the new bathroom locations.

“I think that the new bathrooms would be overcrowded since they’re brand new, whereas the hallway bathrooms will continue to be trashed until someone does something to change it,” said Tammy.

Overall, the new bathrooms are a great addition to Piedmont and hopefully students and staff will help keep it clean!


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