By: Rose Lu


This year, ASB and faculty banded together to host a staff talent show that took place on Jan. 24 at the L-building. The show showcased the teacher’s talents including acting, dancing and singing and with some of the cultural clubs.

“ASB had a goal at the beginning of the school year and that was to get staff more involved in student activities,” said ASB Treasurer Chloe Nguyen.

Admission was a dollar or a can of food. ASB and faculty added the form of payment as it can benefit others.

“We wanted to promote service and have an outlet for us to give back to the community,” explained ASB Secretary Tommie Huynh, “We realized that profits don’t outweigh our mission to give back to the community!”

Both PHHS staff and student clubs, including Las Mariposas, Bloomers, Indian Club and VSA, participated in the show.

“I’m participating in the talent show because I feel like it is very important for the teachers to see the other side of the student’s lives and how creativity and dance and the arts really affect them,” commented Sofi Jaquez, Las Mariposas president.

Staff also showcased their talents.

“I connected with the students on a different level because it isn’t just teachers going up there by themselves but you’re connecting with all these different groups,” remarked English Teacher and participant Michelle Flores. “It’s fun to see students in a different way than just academically.”

On stage, history teacher Jeffrey Loggins and Pep Commissioner Liana Annable teamed up to introduce all the acts and the teachers.

“The reason why I like hosting is that I feel really comfortable with it and that I’m very good with making a connection with the audience,” shares Mr. Loggins, “I feel like that’s my strong suit and that I’m comfortable on stage doing it.”

Psychology teacher Melanie Neethling played the piano and sang along with it, and English teacher Tricia Bolster sang a solo act.

“I’m a showoff and I have no pride,” shared Ms. Bolster, when asked about her reasons behind performing.

AP Honey Gubuan, social worker Yvonne Gunther and counselor Justine Kunkel also danced and had fun lip syncing and dancing to songs like Cardi B’s “I Like it.”

In the end, all teachers and cultural clubs that participated in the show gathered together to perform an end-of-the-show dance for the viewers.

“I really enjoyed seeing teachers and students come together to put on such performances,” expressed Chloe, “I hope this staff talent show becomes a Piedmont Hill’s tradition!”


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