By Lawrence Pei


Aside from teaching calculus, math teacher Joselito Sevilla has hobbies such as watching movies as well as interesting stories to tell, such as the time where he lived in a haunted house.


“I’m a huge Robin Williams fan and I have many posters in my classroom for movies in which he acted in the film,” said Mr. Sevilla.


According to his wife, he watches TV and drags her into watching with him.


“Sometimes I base my test questions off of the TV shows that I watch the day or night before.” admitted Mr. Sevilla


Furthermore, he claims that his children often question his musical taste because he himself even admits that he is still stuck in the 80’s. Some of his favorite songs include “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and “Cry in the Wind” by Clan of Xymox.


Aside from being a huge movie fan, Mr. Sevilla also states that he believed that he previously lived in a haunted house alongside Mr. and Ms. Mac when they lived together.


We were all dating so we had a lot of fun parties and got to know one another really well.


“In fact she even helped me and my wife when we first started teaching 20 some years ago,” said Mr. Sevilla.


“We lived in constant terror, sometimes it felt like a there was a hand on your chest as you slept and sounds of footsteps coming your way. Sometimes, you have no clue how you ended up somewhere when you woke up from the night before,” said Mr. Sevilla.


He began his career in teaching math to students here at PHHS, he said that it was not completely out of a love for the subject although it has grown on him ever since. Rather an incapability to succeed in Med School that ultimately caused him to transition into teaching with a math major and a teaching degree.


According to him, his jokes and style just come up naturally and that he believes that, due to his cold humor, allows students to reciprocate to his lessons better. Furthermore, he believes that someone who would want to take calculus should study hard and they will be fine.


Mr Sevilla stated that he loved every part of his job: helping students out, working with his wife, making friends and most of all doing something he loves to do.




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