By Henry Zheng

Both the track and football field are to be completed this upcoming April.

The track renovations started in December, and will go along with the newly completed science buildings as they have many new exciting features that we should look forward to.

“At both end zones of the field we will have the school name at one side and the word PIRATES at the other. This is a new feature we’re looking forward to,” said Bond Program Director Julio Lucas.

Students can look forward to a more detailed football pitch. In addition to the new “PIRATES” addition, there will be new markings as well as synthetic black turf outlining the whole field.

The new turf will not only serve aesthetic purposes, but also as an economic investment for the school.

“Typically, synthetic turf needs to be replaced every 10-12 years,” stated Mr. Lucas.

From new markings to new turf and an addition of  “PIRATES” labeled on each end-zone, the field will be completely different from before.

Sadly, one crucial aspect is to be left out: bleachers.

“We are not (renovating) the bleachers as (a) part of this project. We are scheduled for replacement of the turf field that is in place now,” explained Mr. Lucas.

As for the track, the words “Piedmont Hills Pirates” is to be displayed in the middle of the grid lines, as well as a new straight-away that will overlap with the already existing left side of the track. There will also be new long jump runways on the track’s right side.

After many years, the worn down pink-red track surface itself is also expected to change.

“We’ve been addressing the track surface at the same time as we go through the process,” adds Mr. Lucas.

As for equipment, we can also expect to see new hurdles, which is particularly good news for senior athlete An Truong, who plans to experiment and try out hurdles this year.

“Being a track athlete, I want this done as soon as possible so I can be out running with my teammates at our home runway,” stated Truong.

However, many athletes are concerned over whether the track will be done in time for the season.

“Forreal, (we’re) not really going to have any home meets,” stated senior Tim Wang.

With construction workers working harder than ever as this will be the second major project completed this school,

we must remember to be grateful.


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