By Victor Xie

The new buildings have been the talk of the school for the past month, as it took nearly two years to build. With the new buildings finally open to students and staff, there have been contrasting opinions going around regarding these buildings.

In a recent survey put on Schoolloop where 72 students answered, more than 80% of students rated the buildings a 4-5 out of 5.

“Being in the new building is good because our old (portable) classroom was pretty cramped but with the new building we feel more open,” says junior Maggie Nguyen.

Because this building has been anticipated for a lengthy five years, teachers were also quick to point out the positives of the new buildings.

“(The buildings are) awesome and beautiful. They’re spacious and new, and they have enough cabinets, finally, for us hoarding science teachers,” says biology teacher Jason Dries.

Personally, I think the second-floor view is the most interesting part of the new buildings. All of the buildings at our school are one story, which is why the new building is able to give everyone a unique perspective of the student parking lot.

In addition, because the area is finally open again, students may now go through the D-Building walk-way again and not hear construction work while taking their already devastating math test.

Even if the buildings took almost two years to build, the general feedback is still exceptional. Rooms are larger, the swirly ramp is great, and of course, the bathrooms are clean.

“We’ve had a previous problem of weed-invaded bathrooms, and now with the new buildings we have a clean one where it’s a safe environment where we can (go) peacefully,” comments junior Joanne Vu.

Some people may say the buildings aren’t as great as they expected, but I honestly don’t think it is possible to satisfy everyone. However, what is satisfying is the final product: a great addition to Piedmont Hills.


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