Cons of construction buildings David Shih

By: David Shih


The new building have been the talk of the school for the past month, as it took two years to build. With the new buildings finally open to staff and students, there have been a lot of contrasting opinion going around asking what they think of these buildings.

“The bathrooms have too few stalls, in which when I go with my friends we can’t all pee at the same time and some of us have to line up,” stated senior Mike Guo.

The bathrooms stalls indeed have been a major problem as there are only three stalls and one toilet. Another problem is, that the ramp of the building is not straight and the plants that are place under the ramps feel awkwardly placed.

The new buildings also tend to waste a lot of space and the 2nd floor seemed unnecessary. The space wasted for the walkway to go to class on the second floor seemed overly designed, as the same function can be made with a staircase. A lot of the space that is used to build the ramp could be used for something else.

“I feel like the windows of the new buildings are shaped a bit awkward and when I walk by the buildings I feel like the people inside can see me walking… and it makes me self-conscious of disturbing the classrooms,” stated senior Tim Le.

When office aides tend to walk by the classrooms, they usually catch the attention of all the students inside the building that is teaching which may not only make the person feel awkward and also disturb the learning process that is going on inside the classrooms.

The trees near the new buildings may seem befitting but after a number of years the trees will grow to significant sizes bigger. This might interfere with the surrounding classrooms as the roots of the tree may cause safety concerns, as the roots of the buildings may destroy the buildings from under.

According to Mr. Dries, “They were very expensive, and they went a little bit over time, like six months over, but whatever we got what we want. I don’t know of and cons, the only cons are temporary. The plumbing, the electricity, the heater, but those will get fixed.”

Lastly, the color of the new buildings do not fit in with the norm of maroon color of Piedmont Hills. The building should be painted in maroon as it fits with the other buildings and can camouflage with the other buildings. Despite these faults the buildings are well built and provide necessary classrooms for teacher that are in need of one.


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