By Janelle Perez


Seniors in AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) will be honored next Thursday for completing four years in the AVID program. Friends and family will gather in the L-Building to celebrate the seniors in their accomplishments as well as their future endeavors. The event feature the two senior AVID classes of social science teacher Lynne Murray and Spanish teacher Edith Sousa.

Students will receive their senior AVID stole as well a certificate for completing the AVID program.

“It’s really bittersweet to be receiving the certificate because it means it’s all coming to an end,” says senior Isabella Place.

AVID is a four year commitment which helps students stay on track to graduate and to meet the end goal of pursuing a higher education and ending an achievement gap.

“We hope to have a better turnout, like more parents attend now that it’s held in the evening. We hope students will take it more seriously and have them feel a sense of pride that they’re being honored on that night” says Mrs. Sousa.

This is the third year this event will be held in the evening, whereas previous years were held during lunch. The underclassmen AVID students will also be at this event helping greet the families and friends of the senior honorees.

“I hope our AVID seniors feel extremely honored because we’re recognizing their commitment to the four year program as well as a thank you for their hard work and inspiring spirits. We also want to thank their parents and guardians for sharing their students with us and supporting the AVID program,” says Ms. Murray.

A slideshow showing pictures from both classes will be shown before the ceremony. “I’ve made a lot of friends in AVID, some have become my best friends and it’s something I’m really grateful for,” says senior Natalie Rodriguez.

The ceremony will have the students on the stage and they will be called up one by one to receive their stoles and certificate. Light refreshments will also be available for their guests.


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