By Alana Valdez

One Way Christian Club will be hosting a praise night next Friday in the L-building. The praise night will be going on ` from 6 to 8.

“I’m looking forward to spreading the love of God to PHHS with our guest speaker’s message and the worship that will take place performed by Piedmont Hills students!”  Mentions Alyssa Espinal.

“There will be people performing and singing Christian songs and as well as someone speaking,” says One Way Christian Club Historian Paola Rios

The guest speaker will be Pastor Gus from Mount Pleasant Christian Church. He will be sharing a message about how God changed his life.

“This is Pastor Gus’s first event with us and so we are looking forward to hearing what his message will be for the students,” shared Julian Rosete.

There are also the wide variety of performances by the club members.

“Joseph Chung, Jeremiah Porda, and Julian Rosete will be leading worship for the night. Joseph is singing and playing the guitar Jeremiah is singing and Julian is playing electric guitar,” says One Way Christian Club President Alyssa.

“I will be playing couple songs for praise night such as How Great is Our God and Good Good Father,” explains Julian.

Friends, Family, and students are welcomed to join the club for the praise night. Admission is free and snacks will be provided. You can also purchase new club t-shirts for 15 dollars.


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