Schools out and so is the sun. This summer, get ahead of the trends and explore your style.

Some current trends this summer are neon colors (green, yellow, pink), animal print, bohemian style, big brim hats, sunglasses, open back or strapless tops or dresses. A rule of thumb is if at least ten people don’t absolutely hate your outfit, it’s not worth wearing because you’re not taking enough risk.

You can even put yourself out there and start your own trend for the upcoming summer. You can always add an oversized denim jacket to any outfit. Denim jackets are lightweight so you won’t overheat, but it also goes with anything. Pair it with denim jeans and add a pop of color with a solid color tank top or t-shirt. Denim jackets also go great with dresses and shorts.

You can also keep it simple with a t-shirt and jeans, but to make your outfit stand out rip a couple holes in your t-shirt. You can either rip the holes in the back of the shirt to give you an open back or in the front of the shirt to give you a more relaxed and edgy vibe. Your ripped t-shirt would also go great with overall shorts. They are cute and perfect for the summer. Then, if you’re a hat lover, you should think about getting a baker boy hat. You can practically wear them with anything like a summer blouse and jeans or a t-shirt and shorts.

Summer is a time when you are essentially trying to wear things that will not make you want to take off your entire outfit because it is so uncomfortable having to sit in your own pile of sweat. Some things that can help you be comfortable in the summer is wearing loose clothing. The loose and textured fabrics is guaranteed to keep you cool in the summer. With loose clothes flowing around your body compared to clothes sticking to you, it will promote more air circulation. This statement is also true for textured fabrics such as linen and seersucker. These fabrics only touch parts of the epidermis, allowing for air channels to open up.

Another method to stay cool is by wearing light colors. It’s no question why people do not wear black to stay cool in the summer: the color absorbs more heat. By wearing lighter colors, light is reflected rather than absorbed, keeping you cool.

There are so many places with amazing sales going on where you get new clothes for the summer. H&M has a 15% discount off your entire purchase plus free shipping, Forever 21’s entire store is 30% off and Tillys and Zumiez are having a deal where if your purchase is over $49, shipping is free.


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