By Justin Wang

The first technique is to be grateful.

Smiles go for miles; realize that it definitely gets hotter than the San Jose heat and you most likely have access to the wealth and the materials needed to cool yourself. Welcome to the club, you just got to try a little bit harder and play the game, smarter.

Technique number two is to find cold water.

To cool down you’ll need to find something colder than you.

The good news is that most showers can trickle onto you a barrage of cold water, ready to transfer heat away from you and into the drain.

Alternatively, fill up a bath with cold water.

Being naked for this technique is recommended, but if you want to take some of the water with you when you get out, you can let your clothes absorb the water for an extended time of coolness.

For a more social alternative, a trip to the local pool or beach can allow for enjoyment of the sun and the water.

Cool down with your friends or just enjoy the outside and connect with marine life.

Also try drinking cold water and hydrate yourself.

The hydration can help your body to produce sweat.

Sweating is a hassle free method to get water on your body if you let it evaporate.

Technique number three is to replace the air around you with cooler air.

If the air around you is hot, try circulating it with a fan or alternatively a mist fan.

If you opt for a mist fan or to get water on you by using things like a spray bottle or just wet clothes, the water and air will work in tandem to cool you down.

If you have air conditioning, turn it on, but even if you don’t there’s still hope.

The last technique is to go somewhere else.

Take a trip to the local library, museum or refrigerator section of your local grocery store, there’s likely to be an air conditioning system there.

While slogging through the summer heat, you may begin to wish for a world without summer. If you truly desire it, the last technique is to take a trip to a suitable country in the Southern Hemisphere. For example, from June through Aug. it’s winter in Australia.

So if you time your trips just right you can avoid the summer season for the rest of your life.


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