Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

By Divya Verma


  • Baron Lee
    • “I wish that I would be a music teacher in 10 years”
  • Eric Chau
    • “If all works out, I’d be a Captain in the United States Army. Hopefully, I’d be serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment with some of the finest soldiers in the country.”
  • Shawn Hong
    • “I’d say I see myself in my career (physical therapy) and hope getting to a place where I can live comfortably and maybe a wife and kids” (photo taken)
  • Jessica De La Cruz
    • “I see myself having a stable job and having my own house”
  • Stacey Thai
    • Ten years from now, when I’m 28, I see myself living somewhere out of the Bay Area such as Oregon. My home would be cozy and be full of my life. I’d like to live with a few dogs, a snake, or maybe a few chickens. By then, I’d like to have earned my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. If I don’t get too tired of school, I’ll get my Master’s Degree for Physical Therapy. I would like to coach sports teams or do PT to support myself when I’m an independent adult.
  • Raymond Phoung
    • Working at AT&T full time with a very nice sports car with tons of anime stickers over it. I also see myself being in a car enthusiast group. I will also be drinking nonstop milk tea. Boba for life.

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