By Ryan Norton & James

Boys’ JV and Varsity Basketball started a new season on Sat., Dec. 7, winning a score of 46-44, against the San Francisco Washington Eagles, hitting the courts once again with a new head coach along with new team members.

“I feel like my game has improved a lot since the summer,” said Varsity Small Forward Jordon Scott. “As a team, we have put in the hours and put in the work, day in and day out, so I think this year will be one for the books.”

In preparation for the new season, the Boys’ Basketball team have been holding practices with their head coach, Anthony Cuellar since November. Cuellar has made a strong impact on his players, providing advice both on and off the court, to improve their game.

“During the game, I want to win but also to have fun when I compete. I focus myself during our pregame by listening to music to zone out the distractions,” added Varsity Center Cisco Garcia. “When the time (comes) to play the music goes off and all I think about is the game and how I can benefit the team.”

Both Boys’ JV and Varsity teams have been playing scrimmage games against other high school teams, in order to mentally and physically prepare themselves for the new season.

“I think my biggest physical challenge was getting a concussion in my junior year and I couldn’t play in a tournament and all I wanted to do was get right back on the court.” stated Scott.

“Due to me being injured with a concussion, I haven’t bren able to work on my game as much as I wished. If I (could), I would have worked on my endurance and ability to shoot the ball,” stated Garcia

The new season started off with a few setbacks from previous injuries among various players. Physical injuries are detrimental during a season, but can still affect the player in the future. With practice and preparation, both Boys’ JV and Varsity hope that the season will be a safe one.

“My goal this season is to work hard at any practice and game. (fighting) to the end no matter the outcome,” stated JV Shooting Guard and Power Forward Kameron Golbaz.

The Varsity team is looking forward to the ongoing season with new goals set in hopes of winning the championship game this year. The next JV and Varsity games will be on Jan. 1, 2020.


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