By Michelle Fong

From around the world, people share their culture in various ways such as food, clothing and holidays.  But do people ever share the ghost legends from their culture?  Every culture has its unique ghost that haunts little kids into behaving.

One unique ghost is the toilet ghost from Japan, called Hanako-san.  Hanako-san is said to be the spirit of a young World War Two girl who haunts school bathrooms.  Legend has it that if you go to the third stall of the girls’ bathroom on the third floor, knock on the door three times and ask “Are you there, Hanako-san?” you will hear a small girl in a red skirt with bobbed hair answer “I’m here.”

Another classic ghost story originating from Irish culture is the Headless Horseman.  The Headless Horseman, also known as the Irish dulachán, is a headless fairy riding a black horse while carrying his head and a whip made from a corpse’s spine.  Once he stops riding or calls out a name, someone dies.

Perhaps one of the most famous ghosts in history is Anne Boleyn, who haunts England after her execution in 1536.  Many people have claimed to see her haunt several famous buildings including Hever Castle, Blicking Hall and the Tower of London.

Many of the ghost legends arise from the “truth” that someone saw; others come from the imaginative mind of an elder who wished to scare some children.  Either way these stories help form the different cultures around the world.


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