By Leiana Baclig

On May 4 at 6:30 pm, the seniors in the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program had a recognition event. It was called AVID’s Sweet Success, which mimicked Senior Honor Night.
“AVID is an amazing program, so we (wanted) the senior recognition to be just as amazing but to be a lot more formal,” stated AVID and Business teacher Diane Pereira.
This celebration honored the seniors and all their successes in graduating. Each and every senior was recognized for their consistency in working hard and putting in effort, along with their relentless commitment of being an AVID student.
There were awards given to some of the students. The Most Improved Individual award was given to J’Tayo McDowell. The Model AVID Student award was given to Destine Lamonia and Gretchen Tran. The AVID Scholar Athletes awards was given to Miranda Cabanayan, Richard Fedelin, Alex Garcia, Cynthia Reyes and Austin Rubalcava. Lastly, the Honor AVID Students award was given to Miranda Cabanayan, Larissa Gomez, Isaiah Gonzalez, Elisandra Ruiz Alvarado and Yenvi Vu.
“I was excited for this night because of all the hard work and years I have been with the AVID family. It finally turned out to be something good,” said Yenvi.
Unlike the prior years, this was the first time ever AVID celebrated its recognition event in the evening. Before, it was an AVID recognition lunch during sixth period.
“This year, it was during the evening so teachers, family and friends could come and support,” revealed senior Yenvi Vu. “None of the parents were there during the other years. The majority of the people were students from the freshman, sophomore and junior AVID class.”
To feed the supporting guests, the students and teachers served a wide range of desserts were with some coffee.
“I knew that I was going to need guidance in prepping for college. I knew that I would be completely lost if I didn’t take AVID because it has given me so many pointers,” mentioned senior Analyn Nguyen. “AVID wasn’t difficult at all, and having the commitment to stay in AVID was easy because I really wanted to go to college.” ♦


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