By Phuong Nguyen

Club Day was held on April 26 from 1 pm to 3 pm in front of the Big Gym, where swarms of student and staff were exposed to a diverse array of food made by a variety of clubs.
“It went way better than I expected. There was also a bunch of cool food there that was so good,” elaborated LEO (Leadership Experience Opportunity) Vice President Rachel Ly. “I loved the Totchos and the Cajun fries the most! They were both so good and I was looking forward to trying them (throughout) all the days leading up to Club Day!”
The venue was crowded with hundreds of students and some staff.
“I liked how lively it always is (but) I disliked the long lines to popular booths,” commented Psychology and Neurology Vice President Sharon Wong.
For some, Club Day was enjoyable and successful.
“I know for choir council, we were super successful and we had long lines waiting for our chicken fries,” added Choir Council publicist nominee Cat Nguyen. “(Also), I really liked the Korean milk soda, Milkis, and garlic noodles!”
To make Club Day a success, the club officers put in a lot of time and effort to prepare for this day.
“The officers prepare cool foods to fundraise for their clubs. They don’t get anything for doing all that planning, preparing food and standing at a table for hours. They don’t get anything for themselves, but they do it and it shows how dedicated people are to their clubs,” said Cat admiringly.
Most clubs sold out because of the long lines of customers that were eager to buy the popular foods, such as Choir Council’s chicken fries and LEO’s baked potatoes. Because of this, some people, including the hard working officers, did not have a chance to purchase the food that they wanted.
“Sadly, I didn’t get to try much (food) but I think of all the things I did get to try, overall, I wasn’t disappointed,” thought Cat.
Besides food being served, there was also a marriage photo booth hosted by ASB officers. With the price of one ticket per person, students and teachers had the chance to get married, holding various signs and props and even wearing fake rings.
“I like the idea (of a marriage photo booth) because it’s just a fun way to take pictures with your friends,” exclaimed ASB Historian Kristy Nguyen. ♦


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