By Hannah Tong

As the new year approaches the final weeks of school, the cycle of the school’s ASB officers begins anew for the upcoming year.
The new ASB Executives are President Jamie Ly, Vice President Eileen Vu, Secretary Shrina Desai and Treasurer Trisha Dang.
Throughout the month of April, students who wanted to be involved in next year’s ASB ran for positions of all sorts, ranging from class officers all the way to school executives.
“I wanted to run so that I could continue being a part of making sure the student body has opportunities to enjoy their time in high school,” states Jamie.
There were different campaigning requirements depending on which positions the students ran for.
For ASB President and Vice President, students were required to already be in leadership for at least a year before running. For ASB Secretary and Treasurer, that was not required. However, all executive positions were required to undergo a series of interviews. Then, the campaigning of convincing the student body was the final step.
“I made a poster in the shape of a genie lamp since I wanted to make the student’s wishes come true,” explained Trisha.
The hallways were filled with campaign posters all during the month of April to grab the attention of the rest of the school to come out and vote.
Commissioners are chosen through election, as long as they were not failing a class. Supreme Court members were chosen after several interviews.
“I think they are all going to do well for sure,” expressed current ASB President Sydnie Tanujaya.
The new year means new responsibilities and expectations are to be met. All of the new members of ASB hope to bring the best out of PHHS for the upcoming year.


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