By Daniel Kokoski

At Tuesday’s annual Student versus Faculty History Bowl competition, two squads of JV (junior varsity) and Varsity trivia members competed against each other in a battle of historical wits.
History teachers Mr. Holly, Ms. Lighty, Mr. Andrews and Mr. Romero made up the varsity squad. Non-history teachers Mr. Shahrivar, Mr. Clough and Mr. Vasquez comprised the JV team. Questions covered topics ranging from Ancient Mesopotamian kingdoms to Revolutionary War battles.
In a never before played segment, Mr. Clough and Mr. Shahrivar competed against juniors Sagar Tomar and Syed Rahim in a Sports and Entertainment competition. This segment tested participants on pop culture and sports trivia.
“I’d been waiting to play this game for a while now,” exclaimed Syed. “I felt really confident about my pop culture knowledge from our Thursday practices in P-15.”
“The experience overall was exciting. Our team really grew this past year and the audience size was encouraging,” beamed History club President Nala Chen. “All in all, it was a great way to end the year.” ♦


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