By Arthur Hoang

The Treblemakers wrapped up the end of the year with a concert in Reno on April 28, their spring concert on Wednesday and their annual concert “Jazz in my Pants” today.
The Treblemakers departed from school for Reno after break on April 27 and performed at the University of Nevada in Reno.
“We had a blast of a time on the trip, and overall, I think we did a fantastic job,” said vocalist William Chung.
In preparation for Reno, the Treblemakers had rehearsals every day during lunch, as well as Wednesday morning.
“After the Santa Cruz, we learned that we needed to be fixed and improved on. I knew I needed practice on some of the songs, especially in terms of vowels shapes,” said William.
Volunteer drivers for the Treblemakers drove four hours to Reno, stopping once in Davis for lunch and then driving the rest of the way to the hotel they stayed at.
At 3 pm, The Treblemakers performed the pieces that they’d performed at the jazz festival in Santa Cruz, which included Moon Dance, Jody Grind and Waters of March for a panel of acclaimed judges. One of them actually turned out to be a composer of Moon Dance and Jody Grind.
The Treblemakers scored a 2-2-2 rating (a score of 1 being the highest and 3 being the lowest). After their performance there was a clinic, in which a judge talked with the group and gave feedback and commentary.
“It was both shocking and interesting at the same time to have the composer for the piece performed come tell us that she thought we were great and give us some advice,” said William.
The Treblemakers set out to finish off strong with their last annual concert of the year, “Jazz in my Pants.” The concert is being held today and features the Treblemakers singing all the songs that they performed during the year. ♦


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