By Sophia Xiao

Students from all over the district came together on May 3 for the 38th annual Eastside 11 Photographic Exhibition and Competition.  Piedmont Hills seniors Natasha Maxin, Kole Cabacungan and Rebecca Rossini won the Best in School award, and Natasha also won Best Still Life and Senior Portfolio.
The pieces were chosen from previous assignments done in photography class, which had to be approved by photography teacher Ian Tippetts before submission.
“I picked this photo to submit because it was very different, unique, and it hardly required any retouching in photoshop.  I named the piece ‘The Weight of the World’ because it has that vibe of corruption,” explained Kole.
Senior Portfolio, unlike the other six categories, required participants to submit a total of five pieces, making it all the more difficult.
“My painting picture has to be my favorite one that I submitted. I want to major in graphic design and I believe this picture shows how I combined my Photoshop skills and the mentality of a graphic designer to create it. It took a long time to edit so it would look like a painting and then I added the shapes to add color into it,” elaborated Natasha.
Other categories included Best Traditional Print, Best Special Technique Print, Best Action Print, Best Landscape, and Best Portrait.
The best pieces often had their own meanings and themes, called concentrations, behind them.
“I chose masks (for my concentration). I wanted to show people– how they really are, how they really feel,” said Rebecca about her piece which won Best in School. “I took a picture that I had taken of my friend Austin and projected that image onto my (other) friend, who was holding a piece of paper in front of her eyes… (Then), I leveled off the projector until his eyes were over the piece of paper.” ♦


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