By Melody Li

On Wed., April 26, the PHHS counseling staff held Senior Honor Night in the L-Building to celebrate the academic achievements of graduating seniors.  Before the official event started, a meet and greet was hosted in the library for teachers and students to celebrate.
As Principal Traci Williams described in her opening speech, Senior Honor Night is a more intimate version of graduation.  Each senior is called up and introduced individually with details about their major, career plans and awards, which ranged from department awards to GPA and AP awards.
Before awards were given, senior Cleo Lagunilla started the night with a solo vocal performance, accompanied by music teacher Myles Ellis on the piano.
To make the event even more personal, each student was introduced by their valedictorian classmates.
“Reading the names and achievements of my classmates was nerve wracking because I was scared to mess up and I didn’t want to ruin their special moment,” admits senior Jennifer Lai.
At the end of the night, each senior was given a white carnation to give to someone who was influential to them throughout high school.
“I gave my carnation to my mom because she’s always inspired me to do my best,” comments senior Nancy Le.
Over 120 students were qualified to attend the honor night and around 100 students showed up.  Many were unable to attend the event due to schedule conflicts, especially since Club Day occurred on the same day.
“Even though I had finals the next day, I’m glad I attended honor night because I was able to celebrate my friends and all that they’ve accomplished in their four years,” reveals senior Ronaldo Legrama.
ASB President Sydnie Tanujaya closed the night with a congratulatory speech and empowered seniors to finish their high school career strong. ♦


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