By Harleen Kaur

Artery Club planned a new mural outside the B-Building and are expected to start painting soon.

“We plan to have a tube of acrylic paint and it is going to have paint with miscellaneous designs and flowers coming out of it,” stated Artery President Diego Papa. This is the next major project the Artery Club has decided to do as they have already decorated the science halls with very vivid and extravagant murals.

Upon deciding their next big project, the club decided not to have a specific theme associated with this new mural, unlike their last project where they filled the science hallways with science related themes.

“We wanted to make the school more colorful and pretty,” stated Artery Vice-President Rachel Nguyen. This new mural will contain designs that the dedicated members had drawn and planned out during their Wednesday after-school meetings in B-11.

“It is so cool seeing the murals when I walk to my chemistry class. They make me feel like I’m walking through a painting since most of our walls have basic designs and colors,” exclaimed junior Ashley Huynh.

The members have started to get some of the paint up this month but they do not plan to finish until the end of the school year. The students would work on and off on this project as they meet once or twice a month to get more designs up. The club is really excited to get new work up and ready for the whole school to see.

“One of us wanted to put Voltron. I want to put Voltron too. We just want to put stuff that makes people happy,” answered Artery member Tammy Ngo.

“We want this project to be fun and creative,” said Rachel. Although they would use other paints such as house paint and watercolor for other projects, the club planned to use acrylic paint as it displayed the most vivid colors and stuck the best to the wall.

This is the biggest project the Artery club has taken up this year but they also planned to sell some grams and pins throughout the following months.

Next time when passing the B-Building, be sure to be on the look for new progress to be made on the mural. ◆


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