By Andrew Wong

Sophomore Dan Luong passed away from a car accident at the age of 15, on October 3rd, 2017. To many, Dan was well-known for his sense of humor and kindness. As a person who often showed his affection, he was very generous and helped others build their confidence. Dan enjoyed many hobbies in his life, such as biking, playing video games, watching anime and hanging out with his friends. Missed by many of his friends, he played a major role in their lives and became an influence for them all to remember.

“He was very generous, funny, filled with joy and a whole big chunk of fun. He has a dirty mind and dirty humor, but it was funny humor,” said junior Matthew Vo. “Dan is my best friend and I think of him as a mirror image of me and I am a mirror image of him. He had a major influence on how I act, and we were basically together as one. If he was still here right now, I would run up to him and hug him for a long time. Probably won’t talk just to seize that moment; after that I would tell him I miss you and I love you a bunch of times.”

Among his group of friends, Dan was known to be the funny guy in the group. He was acknowledged for his generosity and cheering people up with his funny jokes. Dan attempted to befriend anyone he met, as well as trying his very best to bring them along with his happy times.

“Back in 5th grade, before we met, I was a nerd and a loser. Later when I met him in 6th grade, I became more of a funny guy and I had a more positive outlook in life,” described junior Andy Ho.  “He was also one of the most generous people I knew, and I became more generous to others because of that. If he was still alive today, we would still be hanging out, playing video games and going out to play badminton.”

“He was known for his humor the most and brought out his fun side,” said junior Dinh Tran. “I’m not as close towards Dan as much, but I still hung out with him and he was a part of my life. If he was still around, I would hang out with him a lot more because I never got to do that.” ◆



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